We offer a wide variety of chicken schnitzels to suit your catering needs. From our baby schnitzels (SN BABY) perfect for your favourite roll or sandwich, to our large breast schnitzels (SN LB) the chefs choice when it comes to parma's, we have the perfect and affordable chicken product for you.


Our premium range of value-added chicken products are made fresh daily from only the finest poultry products and ingredients. All products are hand cut and hand made to ensure superior quality and taste. Our value-added poultry products are distributed across Victoria and Australia. Available fresh or frozen, for retail or wholesale. Some of our popular range of value-added chicken products include:


  • Baby Breast Schnitzel (SN BABY) 140-160g

  • Special Breast Schnitzel (SN SP) 240-260g

  • Large Breast Schnitzel (SN LB) 300-320g

  • Premium Breast Schnitzel (SN PREM) 300-320g

  • Small Breast Schnitzel (SN SB) 240-260g

  • Half Large Breast Schnitzel (SN HALF LB) 140-160g

  • Sandwich Breast Schnitzel (SN SW) 200-220g

  • Superior Breast Schnitzel (SN SUP) 280-300g

  • Panko Superior Breast Schnitzel (SN JSUP) 280-300g

  • RSPCA Approved Breast Schnitzel (SN RSPCA) 140-160g

  • Large Thigh Schnitzel (SN LT) 240-260g

  • Chicken Kebabs Marinated (KB) 140g

  • Chicken Kebabs Plain (KB PL) 140g

  • Boneless Garlic Kiev (KIEV) 300g


Are you looking for a unique value-added poultry product?

We are also able to process and manufacture chicken schnitzels to your specifications. Please contact us directly for further information. 

Conditions apply.




  • Poly Size 9 – 20 (900g – 2kg)

  • Charcoal Size 9 – 17 (900g – 1.7kg)

  • Bulk Size 9 - 30 (900g - 3kg)

  • Fully De-boned Birds Skin On

  • Barrel De-boned

  • Splits/Portuguese

  • All chickens can be cut into 1/2, 1/4's,and 1/8’s



The premium cut of chicken which is low in fat, high in protein and packed full of nutritional benefits.It can be sold as a whole breast, with the skin off, or on, or sliced up into smaller pieces. If you like white meat and no bones, the breast is for you. It can be pan-fried, stuffed with lovely flavours and then baked, roasted or barbecued. Smaller breast fillet pieces can be added to stews, stir-fries, and pies. 


  • Breast Fillet Skin Off

  • Breast Fillet Skin On

  • Breast Fillet Trim

  • Breast Fillet Skin Off No Tenderloin

  • Breast Fillet Skin On No Tenderloin

  • Breast Fillet Skin Off Portion Controlled

  • Breast Fillet Skin On Portion Controlled

  • Breast Fillet Skin Off Butterflied

  • Breast Fillet Skin Off Strips

  • Breast Fillet Skin Off Diced

  • Tenderloin

  • Kiev Cut Skin Off

  • Kiev Cut Skin On

  • Chicken Supreme Skin Off 

  • Chicken Supreme Skin On

  • Breast Mince​




These are arguably the tastiest part of the chicken. You can buy them bone in, or bone out. Their meat tends to be darker than the white breast meat. Because the legs work harder than any other part of the chicken, the meat is firmer and needs longer than a breast to cook.


  • Thigh Fillet Skin Off

  • Thigh Fillet Skin On

  • Thigh Cutlet Skin Off

  • Thigh Cutlet Skin On

  • Thigh Fillet Skin Off Diced

  • Thigh fillet Skin Off Strips

  • Thigh Mince

  • Maryland Fillet Skin Off

  • Maryland Fillet Skin On

  • Maryland Cutlet Skin Off

  • Maryland Cutlet Skin On

  • Maryland Fillet Skin Off Diced

  • Maryland Fillet Skin Off Strips

  • Maryland Fillet Mince​




  • Chicken Chops Skin Off

  • Chicken Chops Skin On

  • Thigh - Skin On

  • Thigh - Skin Off

  • Spare Ribs - Skin On

  • Spare Ribs - Skin Off

  • Maryland

  • Wings

  • Wingettes

  • Drumettes

  • Drumsticks​

  • Livers

  • Giblets

  • Hearts

  • Necks

  • Frames

  • Pet Mince




  • Eggs 55g Filler Pack

  • Eggs 600g Filler Pack

  • Eggs 700g Filler Pack

  • Eggs 700g in Dozens

  • Eggs 800g Filler Pack


For any inquiries regarding our products please contact the sales office on +61 3 9315 3383 or email